Agustin Egurrola as a choreographer of the TVP2 tv station holiday tour “LATO, MUZYKA, ZABAWA”

We have started the TVP2 tv station holiday tour, whose main motto is: “LATO, MUZYKA, ZABAWA”! Behind us is the first energetic and very danceable concert in Chełmno! Today it is a wonderful memory, but before us we have a really busy and full of dance holiday!

The Volt Group and dancers from Egurrola Dance Agency, thanks to choreographies prepared by Agustin Egurrola, will set on fire scenes of Polish cities on every Sunday this summer! Perfectly prepared dancers and well planned show are the words that describe the artistic setting created by Agustin! 

There are 9 more concerts waiting for us on the whole tour, during which we will take you to the dance world! We hope that great dancers, artists and sensational atmosphere will result in good fun at every concert of ” LATO, MUZYKA, ZABAWA” tour.