Free people dance…

Agustin Egurrola

special for Dziennika Zachodni magazine


Sometimes I think what else could I do? However, dance make the path for me to follow.

Agustin Egurrola

in interviw for Tele Tydzien magazine


This is a program for kids who have dreams …

Agustin Egurrola

“Pytanie Na Śniadanie” – new tv show “You Can Dance – New Generation”








































































Eurovision is a big challenge for me, but also a great satisfaction.

Agustin Egurrola

Tele Tydzień 


The dominant factor
decisive for success
is consistency, stubborn
striving for a goal, diligence.

Agustin Egurrola
for Metropolitan Magazine


We can feel
that life is beautiful when we dance for pleasure.

Agustin Egurrola
for  SKARB Magazine


The conclusion is obvious: I have a talent not only for dancing!
And it’s worth going
for dreams.

Agustin Egurrola on Gala “Telekamery” 2017/ Tele Tydzień


People are the most beautiful thing
in the work
of a choreographer.

Agustin Egurrola
dla Tele Tygodnia


In dance I am looking for wisdom.
I want to know
why people dance,
what they want
to show us.

Agustin Egurrola 
for Angora weekly