Agustin Egurrola created wonderful choreographies for TOP OF THE TOP Sopot Festival 2019 [PHOTO]

Agustin Egurrola together with the dancers of the Volt group and Egurrola Dance Agency have recently worked hard to make the dance setting of the TOP OF THE TOP Sopot Festival concerts look like the best possible. Our professionals always do their job on one hundred percent so Agustin made sure that the choreographies prepared especially for TOP OF THE TOP Sopot Festival 2019 fit into the individual atmosphere of each song and that their performance was at the highest level. Our reliable team of dancers and Agustin went to Sopot two days before the first concert to work out all the details on the stage and meet the artists and present them choreographies.

The time has come to show the whole Poland the results of our work! The festival began with a concert “Forever Young”, where our dancers together with Bonnie Tyler set the stage on fire thanks to a spectacular choreography prepared by Agustin Egurrola. That evening we also appeared on stage with Anita Lipnicka and OTTAWAN.

The second day of the festival has winged even more our dancers, who were hard not to notice on stage during the “iDance” concert. We owe choreographies filled with energy, joy, fun and professionalism to Agustin, and their performance to the dancers of the Volt Group and Egurrola Dance Agency, who this evening danced alongside Kayah, Edyta Górniak, Ewa Farna, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Roxana Węgiel, Ani Karwan and foreign stars such as Christopher and Alma.

Once again, Agustin Egurrola and his dance team proved that without such a wonderful setting, TOP OF THE TOP Sopot Festival would not boast such prestige and atmosphere as it has!

Thank you for your cooperation! It was a great time!