Agustin Egurrola at the opening event of his new dance school! [PHOTO]

Another great place has appeared on the dance map of Poland! Agustin Egurrola has officially opened a new, fantastic dance school – Egurrola Dance Studio in Galeria Północna in Warsaw!

A week before the grand opening, an all-day event was organized in the place where the new school was established, during which we had the opportunity to listen to interesting things about dance from Agustin Egurrola. What is more, the audience gathered around the stage had the opportunity to take a memorable photo with the founder of Egurrola Dance Studio and get a personal autograph.

During such an important event in the world of dance, which is the opening of the new school Egurrola Dance Studio, could not miss the show performed by dancers from VOLT Group and Egurrola Dance Agency. Shows of Egurrola Dance Studio’s best dancers, dance animations, Egurrola Store fashion shows and a show performed by professionals and a huge dose of dance  – that was the opening event of Egurrola Dance Studio in Galeria Północna!

We invite you to our new school!

Thank you to all those who have shared this special day with us!