Interview with Agustin Egurrola for Polish Radio!

Excellent dancer, choreographer and founder of the largest dance school network in Poland, in an interview for the polish radio channel “Trójka” he revealed what really gives him the greatest life energy. 

Agustin Egurrola told the audience about his life passion, which is of course – dance! First of all, he explained how important it is to find the joy that will allow us to fulfill ourselves every day! The founder of twelve dance schools in Poland claims that dance is the most natural form of self-expression, it shapes our psyche and mobilizes us to work systematically, which is the way to success.

How did dance become a way of life for Agustin Egurrola? Which dance is closest to the heart of the choreographer?

All this in the interview in the link below:,Agustin-Egurrola-taniec-uczy-ze-nie-ma-drogi-na-skroty

Enjoy listening!