Agustin Egurrola: “Give the Teddy Bear” action has started! [PHOTO]

13th edition of the charity action “Give a Teddy Bear” has just started!

Agustin Egurrola has already chosen his teddy bear. Her name is Kasia – she is white, soft, fluffy and cuddling is her specialty! Just Paul and Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska designed the creation for this unique cuddly toy.

Christmas is a truly magical time, so it is worth sharing it with everyone. Give the teddy bear to your beloved person and prop up this noble cause!

Teddies can already be purchased on the website and in the Rossman chain of stores. The total income from the action will be donated to the treatment and rehabilitation of the Foundation’s wards.

Don’t wait! Join the action and take care of the teddy bear today!