Another magical season behind us…

For three days we have witnessed a great commitment, passion and love for dance… On the dance floor thousands of dancers have presented themselves in such styles as: jazz, ballet, artistic gymnastics, hip hop, modern dance and ballroom dance. In front of a huge audience danced 3 years old kids, children, teenagers, as well as adults and mature dancers.

Apart from the great shows of groups and bands, we also watched the solo, duets, formation and dance battles, which were presented at the highest level. The best dancers were awarded medals, cups and prizes by Agustin Egurrola himself!

Agustin Egurrola also thanked everyone for these three wonderful days, to say the least: “Thank you to the dancers, instructors and parents… I am very happy to be able to experience unforgettable emotions with you… All the performances made a great impression on me! We are the only ones that create a dance school like Egurrola Dance Studio”!