June 2nd is the date that will be forever written in the history of Egurrola Dance Studio in Katowice… The first Egurrola Challenge on Plac Śląski in Silesia City Center behind us!

During the dance tournament we admired shows of young dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio Katowice on the stage, who not only prepared a fantastic show for the audience, but also fought for their first in life medals! Unforgettable impressions, joy, and also tears of happiness are just some of the emotions that accompanied the competitors on this extraordinary day!

And the whole event could not have happened without Agustin Egurrola, who encouraged the young dancers in their first steps on stage! There was no end to inspiring conversations and commemorative pictures! The choreographer also thanked all the participants of the tournament, saying: “Dancing has become our common passion… I am proud to see you on the Egurrola Challenge stage!”.

There were also many attractions! Fashion shows of Egurrola Store’s cult collection, an extraordinary show prepared by the TV Project group, as well as masterful presentations of Egurrola Dance Studio’s flagship teams were applauded by the audience!

The first Egurrola Challenge in Katowice successfully completed!