The March recordings of Dance Dance Dance 2 with participation of Agustin Egurrola

The time has come for another set of recordings in ,,Dance Dance Dance 2 ″ program with the participation of dancers from the Volt Group, Egurrola Dance and Agustin Egurrola himself.

Agustin Egurrola, as always, made everything happen and made sure that the dance setting of the program was at the highest level!

According to Agustin: ,,The work of a choreographer in this program is a real adventure. Meeting legendary music videos and choreographies is a lot of fun”. He emphasizes that this program is one of the most creative and developing projects that was made together with the dancers.

We are glad that we can be part of this phenomenal production and we are looking forward to the next dance challenges!

We invite you to watch the episode every Saturday at 20:00 🙂