Agustin Egurrola on Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

Together we create a beautiful story!!!!

Share the Joy is the slogan of this year’s Junior Eurovision and we can be extremely proud that we share the joy of our passion and have the opportunity to fulfill it during events such as Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Team, group, strength in common action, that’s what makes the impossible become reality. Irreplaceable dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio, their parents, choreographers (Artur Golec, Kasia Mieczkowska and Tomek Prządka) and of course Agustin Egurrola.

It is thanks to Agustin that the dancers are able to fulfill their dreams, having the opportunity, trust, constant motivation to improve their skills.

Huge congratulations to Viki Gabor, who won Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019! We can happily enjoy this success because our dancers Zosia, Zuzanna and Bartek were part of Viki’s performance. Congratulations to Artur Golec! It was a great show!

In total, over 150 dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio took part in preparations and concerts. We are proud of the opening of the Junior Eurovision concert with the participation of several dozens of EDS dancers. Extraordinary emotions accompanied us during the presentation with Ida Nowakowska, with such great care and commitment refined by Kasia Mieczkowska. Roxana Węgiel and her great hit couldn’t be missed during Junior Eurovision which in the wonderful setting of dancers from Egurrola Dance Agency and Tomek Prządka completed this unforgettable evening.

Thank you for this wonderful time! Share the Joy.