No one like him can talk about sharing passion… In an interview for “Franczyza&Biznes” magazine Agustin Egurrola revealed how his self-confidence and determination to fulfill his dreams led him to founding the largest network of dance schools in Poland.

Agustin Egurrola is not only an excellent dancer and choreographer, but also a business shark on the dance map of Poland. The founder of twelve dance schools talked in an interview about the beginnings, development, functioning and management of his “child” –  Egurrola Dance Studio.

First of all, Agustin Egurrola stressed that an important issue in building his brand is credibility: “Five people came to my first class. The beginnings were not easy. But there was a lot of passion, honesty and commitment in it. (…) When the number of interested people exceeded 300, I already knew that people want to learn dance”.

How did dance become a way of life for Agustin Egurrola? What business problems does he faced in running his business? What is his plan for the future?

You will read about all of this staff in the newest “Franchise & Business” magazine.